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Posted: June 18, 2011 in Home

“Save Well Street Market”

Many local shops on Well Street in Hackney, some of which have been serving the needs of local residents for over 20 years, are facing closure because of rent increases of 200%.

These shops include several local charities and have a well- established place as the heart of the local community. They provide affordable and essential services for residents who would otherwise have to travel much further for them, and they are what make the Well Street area a real East End community.

The proximity of Tesco’s over the roads means we get a nice talking point with locals – yesterday we were informed Mr Jack Cohen himself used to sell bent tins on the Well Street Market before stepping up his game and opening up the first ever Tesco – named after his daughter Tessa.

Please sign the petitions in the shops and join the Facebook Group to show your support.!/group.php?gid=15475569121321…

Check some great photos from our area here